Clinical Cannabis Initiative

We are surrounded by information about cannabis from anecdotes and studies without nearly enough time to sort through it all. Thankfully, the Board of Medicine is here to help! The Board of Medicine is a group of over 20 expert physician specialists and scientists who have reviewed all the available data to date on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) for medical purposes. This knowledge base forms the world’s first comprehensive evidence-based peer-reviewed clinical guidelines for the safe use of medical cannabis.

Our Medical Cannabis initiative aims to provide peer-reviewed evidence-based trainings and certifications of clinical grade cannabis to the highest quality medical and recreational products, growers, processors and dispensaries.

The top priority for the Board of Medicine is to provide quality assurance/quality controls, trainings, and certifications for cannabis to minimize any risk of use. Most of the side effects from using cannabis products and CBD arise from contaminated products, mislabeled products, or people not knowing what products are appropriate for their needs and how to use them safely.

Call out: Certified parties will receive the Board of Medicine Certified Clinical Grade Seal of Approval.

The Medical Board also provides expert research consultation to improve study quality. We train and certify physicians and care providers and provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits and direct access to clients.                                                           

Trainings and certifications are based on evidence collected from a comprehensive review of the peer-reviewed literature on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) combined with evidence from thousands of anecdotal reports from patients. The Board of Medicine guidelines focus on harm-reduction and education about how to use cannabis and CBD safely with patients and, while the risk profile is extremely low compared to many prescription and over-the-counter alternatives, how to avoid any unwanted effects.

Certified parties will receive the Board of Medicine Certified Clinical Grade Seal of Approval, setting you, your medicines, and your brand above all others.

The Board of Medicine has compiled this clinical cannabis knowledge base for the training and certification of:

1) Physicians and care providers who interact with patients

2) Dispensary staff who interact with medicines and patients


3) Growers and processors that develop medicines

4) Laboratories that test medicines

Clinical Cannabis Product Certifications

Medicine Certification

i) BOM Silver Certification

    • Third party validation stating:

No medicine should contain contaminants to include: Pesticides, Herbicides, Heavy Metals, Solvents, Fillers known to be toxic. All medicine should be what it says it is on the label

i) BOM Gold Certification

    • Silver criteria plus:

Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum (No isolate)

Products sourced from USA

Documentation for reproducible process within 5% precision

ii) BOM Platinum Certification

    • Gold criteria plus complete documentation of source materials, seed to sale data, and the entire processing line for reproducible process within 2% precision.